You Sell, We Ship.

We provide perfect solution for dropshipping business, free of cost.

Start a hands-free online business with Aistro Cart. We ship the product directly to your customers, on your name only.
With all the physical fulfillment issues handled, you’re free to operate your business from anywhere.

Understanding Our Dropshipping
Our Dropshipping service is a retail fulfillment method where you doesn’t keep the products in stock.
Instead, when you sells a product, it purchases the item from Aistro Cart and has it shipped directly to your customer.
As a result, the merchant (You) never sees or handles the product.


1. We will build an Google Sheet which will be shareable between Aistro Cart and you. This sheet will order details and shipping details of every delivery.
2. You will get daily updates on your whatsapp no from our side.
3. You can forward those updates on your broadcast list after adding your reseller price.
4. When you get any query, you have to confirm us about that product availability. (After 3 months of regular business, we will share stock sheet with you,
so you can check availability from yourself.)
5. After the confirmation from our side, you can take the amount from your customer and after deduct your reseller price, you have to transfer the amount
in Aistro IT Solution current account; with your customer’s detail address.
6. We’ll ship product(s) on your behalf to your customer(s) without mentioning our name or actual price anywhere.
7. You will get invoices on your mail id.


Fill the Dropshipping Service Form below, and send us. We’ll contact you on your preferable contact method.

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If you want to start this Dropshipping business with your own online store, it will cost ₹14,500/- Per Year, in which we build an eCommerce website for you.
Visit the following link for more information on this:

Or just WhatsApp us on +91-9773-417-972. We will guide you step by step.